Qualia Coach

Qualia Coach

Work? Love? Play? Spirituality? Creativity? Community? Self? — what’s not working?

When the habits and routines of our lives are no longer working for us we need a qualia coach. A qualia coach will teach us to notice new landmarks and to follow new pathways in the landscapes of our lives. A qualia coach will guide us into the confident, controlled-spontaneity of conscious ritualing. A qualia coach will reveal to us something about life that we don’t know that we already know.

Here are three things we that we don’t know that we already know:

1) The mind is something more than the sum of our outer landscapes, our bodies, and our brains.

2) We all notice qualia all the time, but we go chasing after matter.

3) We all ritual all the time, but we don’t do it consciously.

Through practice with a qualia coach, we will learn why qualia makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts, which is the secret to happiness. We will discover that the qualia we hold in our minds is far more valuable than any material possession. And we will see how our conscious ritualing can transform the landscapes in which we live.

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